Blight – Board Game


Blight Title


A ¬†cooperative board game focusing on conservation designed with Christian Bruggeman for Jesse Schell’s Game Design course. The Earth is in ruins–can you and your friends escape the planet before the blight destroys you all? Check out the game design document and log here.¬†Still in development!

The basic rules:

  1. 2-4 players
  2. Players work together to harvest enough energy before the blight destroys the board. It’s a race against time.
  3. Players also compete against one another: The one with the most resources at the end wins the game.

Goals for the design were to make a cooperative/competitive board game that could be completed in 30 minutes. We were both interested in and inspired by a game focusing on conservation, energy production, and an unstoppable apocalyptic event. In addition to collaborating on design, I created the art for the game’s tiles. Christian and I also developed a marketing sheet to potentially pitch the game.