GDC – Narrative Review Platinum Award

My analysis of Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Saviour was the recipient of the Game Developer Conference 2014’s Narrative Review Platinum Award. Vampire Saviour stood out to me as an excellent example of story in fighting games (while also being one of my favorite games), as it explores an anthology format of characters’ stories running in tandem, but many orbiting around […]


Though the contest may be over, Severine lives on… despite being a ghost. Take a peek at the design document I created for the Capcom contest. Her moveset is a bit overpowered, but I figured that she would generally be toned down over playtests. Some thoughts about her moveset and design…

BVW – Round 5

Assignment: Create something BVW show worthy. It should be able to entertain an auditorium of 400 people. Create your own team with as many as you’d like. Team: Nathan Baran, John Baxa, Christian Bruggeman, Phillip Chung, Danielle Corporon, Erica Hampson, Mike Hsu, Tianyi Li My role: Producer, 2D Art, Perfomed as the The Envoy Development: […]

BVW – Round 4

Assignment: The story round. The goal of this world is to tell an effective story—one with a dramatic arc where the audience understands what is going on and, most importantly, cares. Team: John Baxa, Vijay Poduval, Chen Yang, Yue Zhu My role: Producer, Writer, 2D Art, Sprite Animations Overall, it is my favorite world from […]

BVW – Round 2

Assignment: Design a virtual experience for a naïve user—someone who may have never played a video game before in their life. We were instructed to use indirect control in order to get our player through the level. We also had to include an interest curve—the experience cannot be boring or feel flat. Team: John Baxa, […]

BVW – Round 1

Assignment: Design a virtual experience where Character A is scared of Character B. The player must help Character A overcome their fear and there must be a visible state change at the end. Team: John Baxa, Christian Bruggeman, Phillip Chung, Cheng (Orange) Qi, & James Vollberg My role: Producer, 2D Art, Writer Development process after […]