Locanimals is a location-based iOS game, where you can collect, raise, and battle creatures as you go about your daily life. Essentially, it’s Pokemon meets Foursquare. Download it here!

The game was my capstone project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. It was developed in a team of five over the course of two semesters, in which I served as the team’s producer, character designer, 2D artist, and a game designer. I was drawn to the project by the desire to create a real-world Pokemon experience, where every place you visit could be hiding a lovable creature to befriend.

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2 - Home

3 - Explore

4 - Quests

5 - Battle

6 - In Battle

I managed the project’s aggressive delivery schedule, setting milestones, while keeping the team in communication to make sure everyone was still sane.  We ended development with a vertical slice: Collectible creatures, real-world locations, battling, and quests. Beyond the nitty-gritty development process, I also designed the characters of Locanimals. The goals for our creature design were to be colorful versions of the people you might meet in real life (except in animal form). Our 3D artist, Phillip Chung, then created low-poly 3D models that we can use to easily animate for battles.


Locanimal concepts

Team promo – First Semester (3 minutes): 

Team promo – First Semester (30 seconds):