My Hero Journey


My Hero Journey is an interactive story creator kiosk developed for the San Antonio Children’s Museum in Spring 2013. The installation is part of their brand new Imagination Studio (opening in 2015). The goal of the kiosk is to educate kids (ages 6-8) about basic story structure, engage their families, and leave them thinking “words are cool.” We elected to base the experience off Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” story structure, giving kids freedom to play with elements of character, setting, and villains. We also included a face-capture component that allowed kids to physically put themselves into the story!

On the project, I served as a designer, 2D artist (character art and graphic design), and playtest manager.

The main criteria for the experience’s art style was “unintimidating.” Because young kids would be participating in the exhibit, often with friends, we didn’t want kids to feel self-conscious about their art skills (especially as kids at this age begin to realize the things they are and aren’t good at). Players could mix-and-match different character attributes to build the character they wanted to use in the story. My preferred character would probably have…¬†Monster arms, Turtle body, and Princess boots. Yeah, that’s stylin’.


Our team’s branding:

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