Though the contest may be over, Severine lives on… despite being a ghost. Take a peek at the design document I created for the Capcom contest. Her moveset is a bit overpowered, but I figured that she would generally be toned down over playtests.

Some thoughts about her moveset and design…

Normals – For her normals, I wanted her to mirror Dhalsim (as there is no Dhalsim equivalent in Darkstalkers, unless you count Lord Raptor). Some of them I wanted to be very useful (her far hitting ones), and others to be less so. Where Severine would really shine would be in her special move set.

Phasic Union – I wanted to play up her ghostly nature and be able to pass through attacks. However, I didn’t want this to mean she could turtle or run away–so the only application would be for her moving forward toward the opponent to force her into a constant risk vs. reward situation.

Wheel of Fate – My goal with this moveset was to make a more viable version of Dr. Strange’s glyph system from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. His system is very cool in theory–except it takes way too much effort to set-up for little pay-off (as so many things could go wrong with it). With this system, I wanted it to offer her a bit more zoning options–as Dr. Strange’s system requires the opponent to be in exactly the right place at the right time (and nothing else to intercept his Flame of the Faltine, which almost never happens in a game as crazy as Marvel). As with most of her EX specials, I wanted this move to really shine if the player chooses to activate all cards at once and trap the player in the spaces between her cards.

Patient Womb – I was really interested in this move, mainly because I wanted to play up her backstory and the loss of her child. There’s also this great heritage of birth/death in Darkstalkers I thought could fit well with this character. Part of this move I liked was that it offered her passive screen control–limiting an opponents’ movement, and allowing Severine to set up her Wheel of Fate cards or other traps. I also thought it could be unsettling to have tiny baby ghosts circling the opponent at any time.

Rue Joyeux – This would be Severine’s interpretation of a standard, slow-moving fireball in the vein of Dhalsim or Lillith. I think it could be very visually interesting, but I think her other moves would be a bit more compelling for fighting game players. Putting my producer hat on, this feature would likely be the first cut to balance the character and reduce scope. Despite being a very standard move (therefore less difficult to balance or create), it’s not a definitive, iconic part of her character and would be less prioritized during development.

…and while I love all of her EX specials, my favorite would have to be Angelic Breech. I think it’d be an insanely creepy move to have “Patient Womb” give birth to her dead child on the battlefield, and then to have it stalk the player.