Sky Beast

A three week assignment to create a virtual world that would entertain an auditorium of 400 people. Selected for the BVW Fall 2012 Show

A team of three players must work together to harvest a giant leviathan’s energy crystals. A navigator uses EyeGaze technology to navigate the ship and locate weak points. The harpooner targets and strikes the beast with PSMove, and the wincher reels off plates with PSMove. In both the game and performance, the captain and their crew must eventually defeat an insidious envoy of the decadent capital (played by me).

My roles on the project included: Producer, 2D Artist, Concept Art, Story, and Acting (The Envoy)

In-Game Footage:

Airship and The Leviathan

Harpooner & Wincher Gameplay


Concept Art: 

Sky Beast Opening Cutscene


monster23D Model created by Phillip Chung